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Because of your generous support, The Kalgidhar Society has established 129 schools in rural areas benefiting more than 60,000 underprivileged rural children to provide education virtually at their doorstep. Due to high moral values being taught at the institutes, each student impacts about 35 people in its vicinity.

Help us reach our goal of opening 500 schools by 2020 wherein students can attain privileged value-based education and motivate millions of people to follow the path of Divine peace and universal brotherhood.

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Elementary Teacher Training Academy

In a society where people are indulging in female feticide, The Kalgidhar Trust lays a great emphasis on educating a girl-child. In all its educational institutions, preference is given to the girls.

The Kalgidhar Trust has initiated Akal Elementary Teacher Training Academy to empower rural women by providing them employment opportunities in the field of education.

The girls from rural regions of Northern India, who have graduated high school, are selected for a 3-year elementary teacher training course at Baru Sahib in Himachal Pradesh and are trained to become teachers in Akal Academies at the level of Kindergarten and Primary classes.

The Role of Women in Empowering Society

They are given salaries at par with the government scales after employing them in the Akal Academies, which in turn, enhances their matrimonial value.

This program aims to achieve following objectives:

• Empower rural girls through quality training in a secure environment.
• Ensure employment in fields related to education.
• Provide The Kalgidhar Trust with a bank of teachers dedicated to the Trust's mission and objectives.
Under this 3-year program, these girls will be given training in the following areas in the first two years:
• English communication skills.
• Proficiency in written English.
• Teaching methodology and Pedagogy.
• Training in Divine music.

In the third year, these girls will be given hands-on teaching experience at Akal Academy Baru Sahib and other Akal Academies, following which they will be employed as regular teachers for Akal Academies (K.G. and Primary level) on salaries equivalent to other regular teachers.

Most of these girls belong to rural regions and were selected following a written test and interview. The entire program is free of cost and The Kalgidhar Trust bears expenses of board, lodging and training which comes to about Rs. 60,000/- per student per year. Besides the Elementary Teacher Training, these girls are also given training in stitching and tailoring.

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