Eternal University

Eternal University is a world class Multi-faculty facility located in the rural and backward area where there are no such higher education facilities. Eternal University is a non-profit institution of higher learning. At Eternal University we promote the educational aspirations and achievements of every individual. The Eternal University is committed to produce professionals who have balanced personalities with high character and disciplined life and who may become beacon lights of peace in the world. For this, it is essential for our students to imbibe universal moral values and the highest spiritual tenets.

Current Streams:

  • Under-Graduate Courses: B.Tech., B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. (Non-Medical), B.Sc. (Medical), B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, B.A. Arts, B.A. (Maths),
    B.A. (Music) and B.Com

  • Post-Graduate Courses: M.Tech. (ECE), M.Tech. (CSE), M.Tech. (Nano-Science Technology), M.B.A., M.Sc. (Physics), M. Sc. (Chemistry),
    M.Sc. (Botany), M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Sc. (Bio-Technology), M.Sc. (Re-Newable Energy), M.Sc. (Nutrition and Food Technology), M.Sc. (Food Science and Dietics), M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry), M.Sc. (Environmental Science) and M.Com

  • Dual-degree Programme: Batch-MBA

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Turban - Let's preserve the pride, honor and heritage of India
Punjabi Primer
The way to establish permanent peace Sewak ‘Kalgidhar Trust’
Japji Sahib translation Sant Teja Singh Ji
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sant Teja Singh Ji
Jiwan Katha Sant Attar Singh Ji Sant Teja Singh Ji
Jiwan Katha Sant Attar Singh Ji
(Part-1 & Part 2)
Sant Teja Singh Ji
Sankhep Jiwan Sant Attar Singh Ji
Ate Sant Teja Singh Ji
Sewak ‘Kalgidhar Trust
Vishav Sadivi Shanti Da Marg Sewak, Kalgidhar Trust’
Sikh Sidhant (Baba) Iqbal Singh
‘Dukh’ Da Gurmat Paripekh Harbans Singh MA (Jammu)
‘Sukh’ Da Gurmat Paripekh Harbans Singh MA (Jammu)
‘Haume’ Da Gurmat Paripekh Amar Singh
Tal Ratan Ustad Surjit Singh
Malhar Sital Rag Hai Ustad Surjit Singh
Dasam Guru Gira Sangeet Chhand Ustad Surjit Singh
Ragmala Ratnagar Ustad Surjit Singh
Gurmat Sangeet Padhiti Vich Gauri De Prakar Ustad Surjit Singh
Eternal Voice

Guru Granth Sahib as interfaith divine scripture.

Aim of Life

Sant Attar Singh Ji Lays the Foundation Stone of Banaras Hindu University

Bhai Kanhaiya - Epitome of Selfless Sewa

Grammar of life

Hari Kirtan


Little One's Miracle

Magic of Mool Mantra

How to Become Divine?

Nature's Own Aarti

Need for God-Conscious Persons

Science and Spiritualism


Sri Guru Granth Sahib - A Symbol of Secularism

Significance of Sangat

Subaltern's Voice in Sri Guru Granth Sahib

The Summit Within

Towards World Peace

Universal Relevance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

What is God?

A Living Legend: Baba Iqbal Ji of Baru Sahib - On Divine Mission!