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Because of your generous support, The Kalgidhar Society has established 129 schools in rural areas benefiting more than 60,000 underprivileged rural children to provide education virtually at their doorstep. Due to high moral values being taught at the institutes, each student impacts about 35 people in its vicinity.

Help us reach our goal of opening 500 schools by 2020 wherein students can attain privileged value-based education and motivate millions of people to follow the path of Divine peace and universal brotherhood.

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Home for widows & destitute

The Kalgidhar Society has set up a home for widows and destitute women at Baru Sahib that houses several unfortunate women who have lost their husbands or have been discarded by their families. The Akal Home for Widows and Destitute Women ensures an honorable life for these women in a safe and secure environment and help them raise their kids in serene, healthy and comfortable surroundings.

The Kalgidhar Society provides these women various vocational courses and employment opportunities to retain their daily living with honor and self-respect.

Their medical, physical and dietary needs including boarding, lodging and clothes etc. are provided by the Society.