Eternal University

Eternal University is a world class Multi-faculty facility located in the rural and backward area where there are no such higher education facilities. Eternal University is a non-profit institution of higher learning. At Eternal University we promote the educational aspirations and achievements of every individual. The Eternal University is committed to produce professionals who have balanced personalities with high character and disciplined life and who may become beacon lights of peace in the world. For this, it is essential for our students to imbibe universal moral values and the highest spiritual tenets.

Current Streams:

  • Under-Graduate Courses: B.Tech., B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. (Non-Medical), B.Sc. (Medical), B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, B.A. Arts, B.A. (Maths),
    B.A. (Music) and B.Com

  • Post-Graduate Courses: M.Tech. (ECE), M.Tech. (CSE), M.Tech. (Nano-Science Technology), M.B.A., M.Sc. (Physics), M. Sc. (Chemistry),
    M.Sc. (Botany), M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Sc. (Bio-Technology), M.Sc. (Re-Newable Energy), M.Sc. (Nutrition and Food Technology), M.Sc. (Food Science and Dietics), M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry), M.Sc. (Environmental Science) and M.Com

  • Dual-degree Programme: Batch-MBA

Please give back, so that
The Kalgidhar Society
can keep serving...


Donate land for construction of an Academy

The Kalgidhar Society is a non-profit organization that is secular and non-political.

Until 2006, the Society had established 22 high schools across rural North India. The schools set up by the Kalgidhar Society have a unique method of teaching. Modern scientific education from the West is blended with the spiritual sciences of the East. Thus the students graduating from these schools have a very positive impact on the social order. Each student has inspired its peers, neighbors, social circle, family, and even elders.

As documented by the local state police department, there has been a sharp decline in the crime rate, drug and alcohol addicts and other social evils within 30 mile radius of the schools established by The Kalgidhar Society.

Henceforth, numerous rural councils donated land for the school establishments and requested The Kalgidhar Society to set up schools in their respective areas. With the donation of land and finances, 40 more schools were established in the last couple of years.

Seeing the alarming rate of rural youth getting indulged in drug and alcohol, The Kalgidhar Society felt the need to expand the scope of this noble cause. The Society plans to expand & branch out into far flung rural areas by opening up 150 Schools within the next couple of years with assistance from worthy donors. 150 schools would educate and empower 250,000 rural underprivileged students.

Donate your idle land in your hometowns and be a part of this Rural Education Revolution.

Make a difference in the lives of young generations to come.

Contact your local Kalgidhar Society’s representative for further details. We accept commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use land donations and offer a tax deduction to all qualified donors. Your land donation can be a home site lot or recreational acreage.Donate land to The Kalgidhar Society and reap the rewards of helping great cause and a Current Market Value Tax Deduction.